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Our website allows you to easily search for tour companies and tour company reviews from travel operators from all over the world. Tour Company Reviews has a simple philosophy: if consumers are better educated, they’ll choose better products. If consumers choose better products, companies will be forced to maintain or increase their products’ quality at competitive prices. Purchasing high quality tours at better prices! What consumer could ask for more! When you read real travel reviews from real people, you have the ability to make an educated decision regarding which travel company offers you the best deal. Our goal is to help you find the best travel deal you can. Tour Company Reviews offers free consumer reports of leisure package and day tours from travel and tour operators from around the world.

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Tour Company Reviews strives to unsure all of our ratings are unbiased. If we are not sure of the authenticity of a rating, we will remove it. Our unbiased tour company reviews are the best place to check the claims of the tour provider. Do their actions live up to their claims?

Vacation Reviews

Consumers – educate yourselves! Before you go on a trip, read a vacation review first. If you travel independently, most travelers will either purchase a travel guide or search for destination guides online. We apply the sound logic of learning before traveling to package tours and vacation deals. The good sense of educating yourself doesn’t stop just because you buy a package deal. Read package vacation reviews before you go – it’ll be worth it! You’ll save money by comparing costs. You’ll get a better deal because you’ll know what to look for. Of course, you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing your travel tour package is the best option for you.

Real Tourism Reviews and Ratings

Tour Company Reviews does not accept payment from tour operators who pose as ‘real consumers offering unbiased travel reviews.’ To provide a consumer report of a tour, a user must provide an email. If the email address provided appears to be from a tour company, such as ‘travelreviews@ trafalgar.com’ than we will not post a review by that user. Honest tour reviews by real travelers, that is our motto and we are sticking to it!

Travel Advisor Reviews

Everyone needs a good travel advisor. That’s why there are so many travel agents! Our travel tour reviews give you a framework to use when deciding your next vacation. In addition to editor written critiques and firsthand consumer accounts, we have great travel articles for discerning customers.

Travel Agent Reviews

Travel agents thrive because customers need informative travel reviews. This is why travel review advisor websites thrives, because nobody wants to waste their vacation with a tour provider who delivers a subpar product.

Travel Deals Reviews

You have got to check our trip reviews and tour ideas before you book your journey! We’ve got the greatest travel deals from the world’s greatest tour suppliers. We work with all nature of tour providers, from boutique culinary tour companies in SE Asia, to multinational travel corporations like Virgin. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and check back often to see what we have to offer you!