Tour Operator Travel Guide: African Vacation Package Tips

Africa is a vast continent offering endless travel possibilities. With more than 50 countries and landscapes that range from scorched Saharan deserts to the heart of the thick Congolese jungle, Africa has destinations for everyone.

Our travel guide fills in the blanks and gives you a few ideas about African vacation packages. You should also note that there are companies and operators listed in our directory that we don't list here. Be sure to review our custom travel search engine to get a full picture of the holiday options available.

If you are new to the notion of taking a trip to Africa, you'll want an overview of some trip possibilities. In a paragraph, you can A) Take a safari B) Chill out on the beaches of the Seychelles, Egypt, South Africa, and Zanzibar. C) Go trekking, climbing, and do multi-country overlanding. D) Explore the desert, the Pyramids, and great ancient cities in North Africa. E) Check out ancient civilization ruins (Notably Egyptian, Malinese, Ethiopian and Swahili)

African Tour Operators: Safaris and Wildlife Adventures

Yes, when people think of African travel activities, the first and foremost thought is of a safari. While Africa offers more than safaris, these excursions are part of most tourist itineraries.

Some popular safari tour destinations include:

Kenya - Masai Mara is world renown for its annual wildlife migrations.

Tanzania - The word 'Serengeti' is practically synonymous with safari, the Ngoro Ngoro Crater is not to be missed, and don't forget about Mount Kilimanjaro.

Endangered Gorilla Sightseeing - There are less than a 1000 silverbacks in the wild. To be a silent spy, try Uganda, Rwanda, and the Congo.

Last, but not least - There are plenty of great safari options all over the place -from desert excursions in Morocco to South African savanna. These are some top safari destinations: Botswana, The Gambia, Madagascar, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Check country guides for more details.

To start with, Thomson Safaris is one wildlife outfitter with a great reputation. American owned, Thomson Safaris has been a name in the safari world - notably Tanzania, for nearly 30 years.

Micato Safaris offers award winning and reliable tour packages for safaris in nearly a dozen destinations in Africa. If you have the time, consider their Multi Country options.

Explore gets high marks for their overall flexibility, service, and contributions to conservation and humanistic causes. Also, they offer custom tour services from South Africa, to Morocco, to the Indian Ocean.

Travel Companies in Africa: Stylish Luxury Tour Operators

There are a number of compelling choices in this category, and it was hard to whittle this guide down to just a few vacation operators.

One company to consider must be &Beyond. They get credit for having an ampersand in their business name, but get a more real recommendation because of their somewhat unique company model. Not only does &Beyond organize and operate safaris and other travel programs, but the company owns and manages nearly 50 specialized lodgings - including 'luxuriously tented camps' in the heart of the Serengeti.

Abercrombie and Kent may now be recognized as the most well known luxury travel operator in the world, but the company had more modest beginnings. Opening as a safari outfitter in the early 1960's, A and K offer a number of high end holiday options on the continent.

African Travel Inc is another award winning luxury travel operator. Part of 'The Travel Corporation,' Based in California, African Travel Inc organizes tours in both North and South Africa and has tons of luxury travel experience.

Unique and Notable Travel Packages

We are concluding this special travel guide with a few interesting companies that for one reason or another truly appealed to us.

Volcanoes Safaris brands themselves as 'The No.1 Gorilla Safari Company,' and they deliver. If you go apes over gorillas, get yourself to Uganda and/or Rwanda, and check them out with Volcanoes Safaris.

African Trails Overlands and Safaris has some fascinating options out there for the intrepid explorer in you! Considering you can go on a 40+ week adventure with this adventure outfitter, a package holiday with African Trails might also be a great way to spend an entire sabbatical!

Locally owned Nomatic Experience offers high standard Kilimanjaro summit expeditions, bike trips, a 'Marathon Climb,' farm stay experiences, and safaris. One of the most reputable locally owned adventure companies operating in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

The Last Word form Tour Company Reviews

Please keep in mind that Africa is a big place, and this article serves merely as an overview of potential options. We listed a total of 9 package tour company options, much more is available.

If you didn't find what you were looking for, or you want more choices, please visit our Directory, to search and find what you are looking for.