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Globus offers travelers hundreds of different itineraries in dozens of countries on 6 continents.

Globus offers several distinct travel 'styles,' depending on the nature of your group. They have journeys for families, and experienced independent travelers.

One of the perks of booking with Globus, is that if you purchase your flight from them, they will throw in the airport transfers for free.

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Tour Price : Moderate and Luxury
Destinations : Alaska Tours , Argentina Tours , Australia Tours , Austria Tours , Belarus Tours , Belgium Tours , Belize Tours , Brazil Tours , Cambodia Tours , Canada Tours , Chile Tours , China Tours , Costa Rica Tours , Czech Republic Tours , Ecuador Tours , Egypt Tours , England Tours , Fiji Tours , Finland Tours , France Tours , Galapagos Islands Tours , Germany Tours , Greece Tours , Guatemala Tours , Hawaii Tours , Honduras Tours , Hong Kong Tours , Hungary Tours , India Tours , Italy Tours , Japan Tours , Mexico Tours , Morocco Tours , Netherlands Tours , New Zealand Tours , Patagonia Tours , Peru Tours , Poland Tours , Portugal Tours , Russia Tours , Spain Tours , Sweden Tours , Switzerland Tours , Thailand Tours , Tibet Tours , Turkey Tours , United Kingdom Tours , United States Tours and Vietnam Tours
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Why Globus?

One of the biggest benefits of escorted vacations with Globus is the ability to experience a destination without worrying about the travel details such as transfers, hotels and much more. You will have plenty of free time to explore on your own but you will also benefit from the expert knowledge of our Tour Directors.

There is also value you receive with an escorted vacation that is difficult or nearly impossible to get with your own vacation planning. Because of Globus' buying power and thanks to our more than 80 years of travel experience, you will get unmatched values when it comes to your hotels, excursions and even your air price. You will often also have the option of adding even more inclusions to your trip or even adding days to your vacation.

* With more than 250 vacations to 70 countries on six continents, as well as the choice of eleven distinct travel styles, Globus gives you the choice to ensure you’ll truly see the world the way you want.
* A variety of travel styles and specialty travel to meet the desires of today’s traveler, including Family Travel, expert globetrotter, and many others.
* VIP access (no waiting in lines) to major sights throughout your journey.
* Inside visits to major and must-see sights included in the vacation price.

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